Our Process



Tips to get started 

We've listed some valuable and insightful tips for anyone looking to choose the perfect engagement ring. Let's break down each point:

  1. Timeless Design Versus Trends:

    • Everyone's definition of timeless is different
    • What types of jewelry do you currently wear? Let that be a starting point - are you more a fashionista or conservative?
    • Details are important! Metal type/color, 4Cs (Carat, Cut, Color, Clarity), ring design (solitaire, accented, three-stone, etc)
    • Look beyond trends at your personality and lifestyle

  2. Look Beyond Paperwork for Stones:

    • The quality and emotional connection to a gemstone aren't always captured by a certificate alone! 
    • What feelings do these gemstones or pieces of jewelry give you? Pay attention to that, always!

  3. Consider Size and Individual Preferences:

    • Size isn't always everything! Beauty is subjective
    • Again, consider your personality and lifestyle when shopping

  4. The Importance of a Meaningful Story:

    • Each piece of jewelry has a story that may be more valuable than the price tag
    • We advocate for ethically sourced and sustainable gems
    • Consider unique and interesting stones with a story

  5. Think About the Setting:

    • Think of the ring or setting as the frame around a painting or photograph
    • Keep in mind that the perfect setting for your stone could enhance it tremendously! On the flip side, the wrong setting could have the opposite effect
    • If you are undecided, let us help you using computer assisted design software

  6. It's Not About the Price Tag:

    • The idea of spending a certain percentage of one's salary on an engagement ring is dated
    • Price and budget are big factors but shouldn't always be the main influence
    • Be more concerned about everything mentioned above (personality, the story, emotional connection)


 The Process



It's great to have a step-by-step process outlined for my clients interested in creating a custom engagement ring. Here we summarize the key points:

1. Initial Design Consultation:

  • Timing: Start the process at least 8 weeks before the desired delivery date.
  • Communication: Conduct design consultations, preferably via Zoom, for online clients.
  • Stone Exploration: Allocate approximately an hour to explore a vast selection of stones, considering preferences and options.

2. Stone Purchase and Ring Selection:

  • Duration: Some stones may take 2-3 weeks to be received, so clients should factor this into their timeline.
  • Client Involvement: During this period, clients are encouraged to search for the perfect ring or setting.

3. CAD Design Creation:

  • Options: Clients can either opt for a custom CAD design or choose from a preset design in the catalog.
  • Flexibility: Up to 3 different designs and edits are offered, ensuring the final design aligns with the client's vision.

4. Ring Production:

  • Mold Casting: An optional rubber mold can be provided to ensure client approval before proceeding.
  • Stone Casting: The actual casting of the stone is carried out during this step.
  • Setting and Polishing: Skilled craftsmanship is employed to set the stone and polish the ring to perfection.

5. Shipping:

  • Completion: Once the setting and polishing are done, the finished ring is prepared for shipping.
  • Delivery: The gorgeous custom ring is then shipped to the client.

This comprehensive process involves close collaboration with clients, offering them choices at every step and ensuring that they are actively involved in the creation of their unique and personalized engagement ring. The inclusion of options like rubber molds for client approval reflects a commitment to customer satisfaction and a desire to make the experience as smooth and enjoyable as possible.