About Molly Phillips

About The Business 

Molly's focus on confident women who embrace bold luxury statement pieces suggests a keen understanding of her target audience. Her designs are not characterized by conventional or "vanilla" styles, but rather by a fearless and striking use of diamonds, colored gemstones, and texture. This approach caters to women who seek to make a statement with their jewelry, expressing their individuality and confidence.

Recognition from celebrities, features in TV segments, and acknowledgment from prestigious outlets like Vogue Magazine and Austin Monthly highlight the exceptional quality and distinctiveness of Molly's creations. This not only contributes to the credibility of her brand but also introduces her designs to a wider audience.

In summary, Molly Phillips' success is a result of her strong design foundation, creative prowess, and a commitment to ethical and sustainable practices. Her brand stands out for its bold and unique designs, capturing the attention of both celebrities and reputable media outlets. Molly's jewelry not only makes a fashion statement but also reflects a conscientious approach that aligns with the values of contemporary consumers.



Meet Molly 

Molly's approach to her business reflects a deep commitment to family values. Her role as a wife and mother plays a significant part in shaping both her personal and professional life. By balancing the responsibilities of owning a business with the demands of her family, Molly embodies the idea that family should always come first.

On the business side, Molly's husband takes care of the back-office tasks, allowing her to focus on other aspects of the business. While he may not be visible to the customers, his contributions are crucial to the smooth operation of their venture. This division of labor enables Molly to fulfill her roles as a business owner, wife, and mother more effectively.

The connection between Molly's personal values and the themes in her jewelry  creates a genuine and relatable experience. Our clients appreciate the authenticity of this approach and find a connection with the sentiment.

Charitable Contributions

Another core belief we have is that philanthropy and fashion are synonymous, or at least they should be.  Each month we donate to various non profit charities. Helping children, single mothers, feeding the hungry, and animals are something she holds close to her heart and will always support these causes. 
Various Charities we contribute to are :
-Operation Smile
-The Bulldog Rescue of Austin, TX 
-Human Society International
-Murphy's Life

Molly's commitment to philanthropy adds an admirable dimension to her business, reinforcing the idea that fashion and social responsibility can go hand in hand. By integrating a charitable component into her business model, she not only sells products but also contributes to making a positive impact on various causes.

The monthly donations to various non-profit charities indicate a sustained and ongoing commitment to making a difference in the world. This consistency helps build trust with customers who share similar values and want their purchases to contribute to meaningful causes.