Custom Fine Jewelry Design

Custom Fine Jewelry Design

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Hello Diamond Dreamer!

Let’s chat and start your dream diamond jewelry journey right here!  

I sell both natural and lab made diamonds, but do all custom bridal.

I love both for many different reasons- but you get what you love! 

The money deposited through transaction goes straight towards your purchase!

There are a few questions I have for you regarding the 4c’s. If you don’t have a good understanding I’m happy to answer.

What are you wants? A custom made item? Or just a diamond? I do settings and jewelry all day long and all at unbelievable prices!

I shop and search for your diamonds specifically for you and your wants. So pls make sure you have all the questions below ⬇️ answered. 

1. What color do you want?
2. What shape of diamonds?
3. Clarity?
4. *The most important question, what is your budget?

With all the above answers I will find you your dream diamonds, but otherwise I can not shop for your diamonds. I don’t have a general price on my custom pieces since all diamond vary in price depending on the 4 c’s and your budget restraints.

When you’re ready let’s start shopping for your dream diamond! 💎

This is the only way i take custom orders- if you would like to move forward with a personal diamond shopping and design experience this is it, but otherwise won't be able to move forward in your custom experience. This experience gives us a 60 minute undivided consultation, if you need more time, i will ask that you please purchase additional time via this link.  If you are uncomfortable with the commitment please feel free to browse my shopping links for beautifully pre-made designs.

Once you’ve made your purchase I will reach out to the email associated or the social media messenger you’re chatting with me on by next business day! I’m so excited to start this journey with you! 

Thank you!



*****Minimum purchase amount for all custom orders including your credit is $2500 before sales tax and credit card fees.
*Custom Order Consults are final sale.
*All custom orders are final sale.